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Q.I would like to add the rotary speaker simulator to the distorted sound. Is it possible for me to do this?

A.Since the XV Series take advantage of multiple effects algorithms, with many of the Multi Effects types you can route the signal through several types of effects. Use the "Rotary Multi" multi effects to get rotary speaker simulator for the distorted sound. The XV-5080/Fantom/XV-5050 incorporates some of them as shown here;

For Rock Organs
Rotary Multi: Overdrive(Distortion)-->Amp Simulator-->3Band EQ-->Rotary

For Keyboards
Keyboard Multi: Ring Modulator-->3Band EQ-->Pitch Shifter-->Phaser-->Delay
Rhodes Multi: Enhancer-->Phaser-->Chorus (Flanger)-->Tremolo(Auto Pan)

For Synthesizers
JD Multi: Distortion-->Phaser-->Spectrum-->Enhancer
*The order of the effects can be assignable。

For Guitars
Guitar Multi A: Compressor-->Overdrive(Distortion)-->Amp Simulator-->Delay-->Chorus(Flanger)
Guitar Multi B: Compressor-->Overdrive(Distortion)-->Amp Simulator-->3Band EQ-->Chorus(Flanger)
Guitar Multi C: Overdrive(Distortion)-->Wah-->Amp Simulator-->Delay-->Chorus(Flanger)
Clean Guitar Multi A: Compressor-->3Band EQ-->Delay-->Chorus(Flanger)
Clean Guitar Multi B: Wah-->3Band EQ-->Delay-->Chorus(Flanger)

For Basses
Bass Multi: Compressor-->Overdrive(Distortion)-->Amp Simulator-->3Band EQ-->Chorus(Flanger)


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