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24Bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Capture

Q.How does the UA-700 / UA-1000 / FA-101 / FA-66 / UA-101 / UA-25 / DA-2496 / UR-80 implement SCMS? (Serial Copy Management System)


When you use the UA-700 / UA-1000 / FA-101 / FA-66 / UA-101 / UA-25 / DA-2496 / UR-80 to transfer audio signals from an external device to the PC in digital form, you can record digital data via USB without the restrictions of SCMS (Serial Copy Management System).

The signal that is output from the digital output jack of these products permits digital recording of one generation or more. This is because these products are designed specifically for music production, and allow you to record music data (such as your own original compositions) that do not infringe copyrights belonging to another person.

Do not use these products for any purpose that might infringe the copyrights of a third party. Roland will take no responsibility for any copyright infringement on your part using these products.

However if an MD player or other digital device is connected to the digital input jack of relevant Edirol devices, and the digital signal coming from the connected device includes a code that prohibits digital copying, the digital output signal from these Edirol products will conform to the incoming signal.

About SCMS

SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) is a function found on consumer digital audio devices such as DAT recorders and MD recorders. This function protects the copyright of the producer by disabling second-generation and subsequent copies in the digital domain. Digital recorders that have this functionality record digital audio signals with SCMS code. This results in making it impossible to produce any subsequent digital copies.


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