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24Bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Capture

Q.On Windows XP, can I connect the FA-101 and FA-66 via Firewire and use the two of them simultaneously?

A.You can use these two units simultaneously as audio devices from the DAW software that is equipped with multi-device functionality such as SONAR-series.

Connect the units in series as follows.


**When connecting the FA-66 and FA-101 with a 4-pin Firewire cable, you will need to use the AC adaptor.

  • When using software not equipped with multi-device functionality, such as Cubase, you can use either one of them from the DAW software at a time, but not at the same time.
  • Simultaneous use of the FA-66 and FA-101 is not currently possible on Macintosh.


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