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FireWire Audio Capture

Q.If I quickly turn the DIRECT MONITOR MIX knob while a quiet piano solo is selected as an input source of the FA-101 / FA-66, it seems the volume is not changing smoothly. Is this a malfunction?

A.This phenomenon happens due to the digital processing of the FA-101 / FA-66, and does not indicate "grit" in the MIX knob or any malfunction.

The DIRECT MONITOR MIX knob controls the mix ratio between the playback signal from the computer and the input signal. In order to maintain high quality sound in high precision, the FA-101 / FA-66 employs full-digital processing for mixing. Since the mixing is performed digitally, turning the DIRECT MONITOR MIX knob will change the volume in stepwise fashion.

With normal operation the volume will change smoothly, but if you turn the knob rapidly, you may notice abrupt changes in the volume depending on the input source. This only affects the monitor signal, not the recorded signal.


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