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FireWire Audio Capture

Q.When I play back the demo songs included with the FA-101 / FA-66, sound is not coming out from the output.


Here are four important checkpoints when the FA-101 / FA-66 demo song playback is not going correctly. If you don't hear any sound, please check the following points.

  1. Is the [SAMPLE RATE] knob set to [48]?
    The demo songs in the [Sample Song] folder of the included CD-ROM were created at a sample rate of 48 kHz. You must set the FA-101 / FA-66 to 48 kHz for the demo songs to playback properly.

    If the [SAMPLE RATE] knob is set to other than [48], turn the knob to [48], and then power-cycle the FA-101 / FA-66. If software such as Cakewalk SONAR is running, you must also restart the software. Then set the software to 48 kHz as well.

  2. Are your speakers or headphones connected?
    If you select the FA-101/FA-66 as an audio input/output device after installing the driver, the sound from the speakers of your computer will no longer be heard, but will be output from the FA-101/FA-66 instead.

    Connect your headphones or speakers to the FA-101 / FA-66 to hear the demo song.

  3. Check the direct monitor volume knob.
    If the direct monitor volume is set toward the right of the center position, the volume of the playback from your computer will be lower.

    Turn the direct monitor volume toward the left of the center position, and see whether you hear sound.

  4. Is the headphone volume turned up?
    If you have connected headphones to the FA-101 / FA-66 for monitoring purpose, make sure that the headphone volume is turned up.


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