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Q.I'm looking for a digital piano with a keyboard that feels similar to a grand piano. Can I get this type of keyboard feel in a Roland digital piano?

A.Roland piano keyboards have a broad range of expression that is comparable to that of an acoustic grand piano keyboard.

About piano keyboard playing feel

In general, there are two primary elements in the playing feel of a keyboard. One is the "initial load" that is felt by your fingertip when you softly press a key. The other is the "moving load" that is felt when you strongly press a key. A grand piano's keyboard has a light "initial load" and a heavy "moving load," and we regard these characteristics as the most important factors in creating a keyboard with a broad range of expression.

It is sometimes said that a heavier-feeling keyboard is preferable. However, this is not always the case. In designing the keyboards used in our digital pianos, we've placed the highest priority on the expressiveness of the keyboard in real-world performance conditions.

The playing feel of Roland pianos

Roland's progressive hammer action keyboards are designed to accurately emulate the response of a grand piano’s keyboard. They have an "initial load" in the range of 60-65 grams, which is about the same as a grand piano. Since the initial load is light, softly played keys will fall down easily and naturally to produce soft sounds. The keys also have enough "moving load" to create an appropriate amount of resistance to strongly played notes. Additionally, the keyboard provides an excellent balance between your playing touch and the actual piano sound.

When you try out a piano, you can best judge its expressive potential by correctly positioning yourself on the piano stool and playing the keyboard with a variety of playing strengths. The more time you spend playing songs on a Roland piano, the better you'll appreciate the qualities of the Roland keyboard action.


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