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Video Field Recorder

Q.I cannot connect to the PC using F-1 NetControl.

A.The network address may not be set correctly.
Try the following:

・When a single Windows PC is connected to a single F-1
From F-1 menu, select [Network] and set [TCP/IP] to "Manual".
From F-1 menu, select [Network] and enter the IP address in [IP Address]*.

* From the Start menu, select [All Programs] -> [Accessories] -> [Command Prompt] to open the command prompt. Enter "ipconfig" and press the Enter key. Then enter the IP address "***.***.***.###" by replacing "###" with figures.

Otherwise, connect a network device with a router function and PC and F-1 with network cables, and then select [Network] from F-1 menu, and enter "DHCP" in [TCP/IP].


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