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Video Field Recorder

Q.Which functions are added to F-1 Version 2.0?

A.The following functions are added:
 1. Support for the video field converter VC-50HD
 You can capture video converted from HD-SDI to MPEG-2 TS formats(50/35/8Mbps, etc.) other than HDV/DV with VC-50HD. You can also remotely control VC-50HD from F-1.
 2. Pre-recording function
 Video recording starts from three seconds before the REC button is pressed (HDV only).
 3. Loop recording function
 When the media becomes full, F-1 continues recording while deleting oldest files. You can select the loop length from 10, 30, and 60 minutes.
 4. Time code generation function
When capturing video from a camcorder which does not add the time code, F-1 adds internally generated time code to the video while recording it.
 5. Marker function
 F-1 records the time code and capture time at the time when the REC button is pressed during capture in a text file.
 6. Fixed capture problem of DV-7 series
 The problem that when data played back by F-1 is captured by DV-7DL, the length of contents is shortened (3 to 4 seconds per 1 hour) has been fixed.


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