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Expression Pedal

Q.When I press the pedal forward on my EV-5/EV-7 Expression Pedal, the volume (or other parameter I'm controlling) is not increased. Why is this?

A.The EV-5 and EV-7 Expression Pedals are equipped with a Minimum Volume knob on the side of the pedal. This knob sets the control value sent when the pedal is in the up (back) position, and therefore affects the overall control range of the pedal. The purpose of the knob is to allow you to set two different volume levels, so that you can quickly toggle between the two during a performance: One, the pedal-forward position (maximum volume), and two, the pedal-back position (minimum volume).

If the Minimum Volume knob is set fully clockwise, there will be very little difference between the up and down pedal positions. To utilize the full range of the pedal, set the Minimum Volume knob fully counter-clockwise.


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