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HD-1 Drum Tutor

Q.What should I pay attention to make SMF data for the DT-HD1?


Please make your SMF data with following points being respected.
  • Please make the SMF data in Format 0 or 1.
  • Maximum resolution is sixteenth notes.
  • Notes with a velocity level less than 20 will not be shown.
  • Only the following note numbers in MIDI channel 10 will be shown on the notation screen or the game screen. Other data is not shown on the DT-HD1.

Kick 36(C2), 35(B1)
Snare 38(D2), 40(E2)
Closed hi-hat 42(F#2)
Pedal closed hi-hat 44(G#2)
Open hi-hat 46(A#2)
Crash cymbal 49(C#3), 52(E3), 55(G3), 57(A3)
Ride cymbal  51(D#3), 53(F3), 59(B3)
Tom1 48(C3), 50(D3)
Tom2 45(A2), 47(B2)
Tom3 43(G2), 41(F2)

We recommend that you produce the data on a TPQN (Time Base)(*) of 96, though the DT-HD1 is compatible with a Time Base of TPQN 24. However you must keep in mind that if you use anything above sixteenth notes they will not appear on the notation or the game screens.
* Time Base (TPQN:Ticks Per Quarter Note) signifies the time resolution of data per quarter note.


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