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Dr. Rhythm

Q.What types of amp simulators are available in the DR-880?

A.The following tables show the amp simulator types available in the DR-880:


JC-120The sound of a Roland JC-120
WARM CLEANA mellow, clean sound
CLEAN TWINModels a Fender Twin Reverb
TWEEDModels a Fender Bassman 4 x 10” Combo
CRUNCHCrunch sound with a naturalsounding distortion
VO DRIVEModels the driven sound of a VOX AC-30TB
MATCH DRIVEModels the left input sound of a Matchless D/C-30
BG LEADModels the lead sound of a MESA/Boogie combo amp
SMOOTH DrvA smooth driven sound
MS1959(I)Models input I of a Marshall 1959
MS HiGAINModels the sound of a Marshall with modified midrange boost
POWER STACKThe sound of an amp stack with an active tone circuit
R-FIER REDModels the RED channel of a MESA/Boogie DUAL Rectifier
T-AMP CrnchModels AMP2 of a Hughes & Kettner Triamp
T-AMP LEADModels AMP3 of a Hughes & Kettner Triamp
SLDNModels a Soldano SLO-100
LEAD STACKA high-gain lead sound
5150 DRIVEModels the lead channel of a Peavey EVH5150
METAL STACKA drive sound good for metal
Single->ACTransforms the sound of a singlecoil pickup electric guitar
into the sound of an acoustic guitar
Humbckr->ACTransforms the sound of a humbucking pickup electric guitar
into the sound of an acoustic guitar


CONCERT 810Models an Ampeg SVT
SESSIONModels an SWR SM-400
BASS 360Models an Acoustic 360
T.E.Models a Trace Elliot AH600SMX
B-MANModels a Fender Bassman 100
FLIP TOPModels an Ampeg B-15
BASS CLEANA clean sound
BASS CRUNCHCrunch sound with a naturalsounding distortion
BASS HiGAINHigh-gain sound
FLATFlat response

For your reference:
Registered trademarks and registered trade names are used in the above tables
in order to describe the sound simulations that can be achieved
with Roland’s COSM technology.


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