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Digital Piano

Q.My Roland piano has MIDI connectors, but it's not equipped with a USB port. What equipment do I need to use my piano to record MIDI into my USB-equipped computer?


You'll need the following two items in order to record MIDI on your computer using a non-USB Roland piano.

  1. USB-MIDI interface
    In order to connect the Roland piano to the USB connector of your computer, you'll need to obtain a USB-MIDI interface, such as the Edirol UM-1EX.

    Connect the UM-1EX (or other USB-MIDI interface) to the USB connector of your computer, and connect the other end of the interface to the MIDI OUT / MIDI IN connectors on your Roland piano.

    Before making these connections, you must install the USB driver included with the USB-MIDI interface in your computer.

  2. Music production software
    To record MIDI data on your computer, you'll need to install music production software, such as Edirol's "Music Creator 2."

When purchasing a USB-MIDI interface and software, be sure that your computer meets the operating requirements for the products you're purchasing.

Refer to the following FAQ to learn about things that are possible when you connect a Roland piano to your computer.
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