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Damper Pedal

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Q.My Roland piano is not equipped with half-damper functionality. Can I gain this functionality if I connect a damper pedal that supports half-damper pedaling (such as the DP-8 or DP-10)?


No. Though the DP-8 and DP-10 support half-pedal operation, ・・・

Q.Foot switches such as the BOSS FS-5L / FS-5U are available in "latched" and "unlatched" types. What is the difference between the two?


The terms "latched" and "unlatched" describe the operational ・・・

Q.I understand that the DP-8 and DP-10 support half-pedaling operation. Can they also be used with synthesizers that have on/off type damper operation?


Yes. The DP-8 and DP-10 have a Function Select switch that ・・・

Q.Can I connect a DP-8/DP-10 half-damper pedal to the PCR series and transmit half-pedaling messages?


You can use the DP-8 / DP-10 for half-damper if you connect it ・・・

Q.I understand that some of your portable keyboards support half-damper pedaling. Does this require a special foot pedal?


Roland's portable keyboard instruments that support ・・・

Q.My DP-6 is broken. Can I replace it with a DP-8 or DP-10?


Yes. The DP-8 and DP-10 will function in the same manner as ・・・

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