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Damper Pedal

Q.What are the differences between the DP-10 and DP-8?

A.The DP-10 is equipped with a rubber plate on the bottom surface of the pedal (the DP-8 does not have a rubber plate). This plate improves the stability of the pedal in use, making it less likely to slip even when used on a hard floor. If you don't want to use this rubber plate, you can store it inside the lower part of the DP-10. (See Figure 1.)

Additionally, the DP-10 has a long 2.2 meter pedal cable (the DP-8's cable length is 1.3 meters).
Other than the points described above, the DP-10 is identical to the DP-8 in size and function.

Both pedals are equipped with a Function Select switch (Figure 2) to adjust the pedal's functionality:

  • Half-damper control:
    Set the select switch to the Continuous position to use the pedal to control the half-damper capability of your keyboard (if so equipped).
  • Switch control:
    Set the select switch to the Switch position to use the pedal as an on/off switch.


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