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Digital Snake

Q.After turning the power on or reconnecting a REAC cable, how long does it take until sound can be output from the Digital Snake system?

A.When turning the power on:
When you turn on the power of the S-4000S and S-4000H, the units communicate between their internal components in order to make system settings. For this reason, it takes approximately 15 seconds before sound can actually be output. (Small amounts of noise may be output until operation is stabilized. In some cases, stabilization may take up to 30-40 seconds.)

When a REAC cable is reconnected:
If you disconnect both the MAIN and the BACKUP REAC cables during normal operation and then reconnect the MAIN and/or BACKUP cables within four seconds to restore the connection, audio output will resume after 0.2-0.5 seconds. If more than four seconds elapses before the connection is restored, it may take approximately 5 seconds before audio output resumes.


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