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Digital Snake

Q.I understand that the Digital Snake provides a redundant REAC connection in case of a cable failure. How long does it take to switch to the backup connection if the main connection fails?

A.In case of an Ethernet cable failure, each REAC device provides two REAC ports--MAIN and BACKUP. The MAIN port is used for the primary REAC connection, while the BACKUP port provides a redundant backup. Should the primary connection fail, the backup connection will automatically take over.

When a problem is detected, it takes approximately two to three milliseconds for the MAIN to BACKUP switchover. (If a switching hub is connected in-line, the switchover time may be slightly longer.)

The switchover time is the same when the MAIN connection is restored (BACKUP to MAIN).

The REAC interface is designed to be noise-free is most circumstances. On rare occasions, however, noise may be heard from the audio outputs during switching.


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