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Digital Snake

Q.If I use switching hubs, what is the maximum distance that I can extend the Digital Snake's REAC connection?

A.The maximum length for a single REAC cable is 100 meters.

If you place a switching hub in-line, you can extend the length another 100 meters (100 meter cable <--> switching hub <--> 100 meter cable = 200 meters).

Up to four switching hubs can be used in series, allowing you to extend the cable length up to a maximum of 500 meters.

For important information about REAC cable types, see the related FAQ:
What type of Cat5e Ethernet cable should I use with the S-4000 Digital Snake system?

    For your reference:

    Switching hubs used with the REAC system must meet the following requirements:
  • 1000BASE-T transmission speed (IEEE802.3ab, Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Support for 100BASE-TX devices (IEEE802.3u, Fast Ethernet)
  • Bi-directional (full-duplex) communication

Connect REAC devices only to switching hub ports that support 100BASE-TX.

If you use a 100BASE-TX compatible media converter to convert the Cat5e cable to a fiber-optic cable, long-distance digital transmission over several kilometers becomes possible. The distance will depend on the converter and cable you use.


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