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Digital Snake

Q.How can I use a computer to control the Digital Snake system? What are the advantages of controlling it from a computer?

A.The S-4000 Remote Control Software (S-4000 RCS) allows for the remote control and monitoring of the S-4000 Digital Snake from a computer equipped with an RS-232C port.

Functionally, using the S-4000 RCS is similar to using the S-4000R Remote Controller, but with the conveniences provided by a personal computer.

S-4000 RCS Features

  • S-4000S input channel control screen
    Here you can view and control all of the S-4000S's input channel settings in a single screen.
  • Comprehensive input level meter screen
    A single screen shows the input levels of all input channels at once.
  • 100 scenes
    You can store all S-4000S input channel settings in 100 different scenes. (If multiple systems are used, a single scene contains settings for all S-4000S units in the system.)
  • Easy monitoring of multiple systems from a single computer
    If your computer is equipped with multiple RS-232C ports, you can monitor and control up to four S-4000 systems.

    How to obtain the S-4000 RCS

    You can download the S-4000 RCS free of charge from Roland's Download page:
    S-4000 RCS - Remote Control Software

    Before using this software with the S-4000 System, please read
    the operating manual included with the S-4000 RCS.


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