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Digital Snake

Q.Can I use the Digital Snake system without connecting the S-4000R Remote Controller?

A.Yes, the Digital Snake system can be used even if the S-4000R is not connected. Note, however, that S-4000S input channel control is impossible without the S-4000R (or a computer running the S-4000 Remote Control Software).

If you intend to use the Digital Snake without the S-4000R (such as in a "set and forget" fixed installation), you can use the S-4000R to perform an initial setup of the S-4000S's input channels. Simply connect the S-4000R, make the desired settings, and then press LOCK button so its indicator lights. Then, disconnect the S-4000R.

Until they are changed again with the S-4000R (or S-4000 RCS), these settings will be reproduced every time the Digital Snake is powered on.

As mentioned previously, you can use a computer running the S-4000 Remote Control Software (S-4000 RCS) to control S-4000S input channel settings. Using the S-4000 RCS is similar to using the S-4000R, but provides advantages that are obtainable only with a computer.

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