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Digital Snake

Q.Can I save the S-4000S input channel settings for later recall?

A.Yes, you can. Using the S-4000R Remote Controller, you can save and recall the preamp gain, phantom power, pad, and stereo link settings for all S-4000S input channels. Ten memories are provided for storing your settings.

Alternately, you can use the S-4000 Remote Control Software (S-4000 RCS) to control the system from a computer equipped with an RS-232C port. (If your computer has multiple RS-232C ports, up to four S-4000 systems can be controlled with the S-4000 RCS.)

Using the S-4000 RCS, S-4000S settings can be saved in up to 100 scenes. (The term "scene" is used to distinguish them from the "memories" stored with the S-4000R.) If multiple systems are used, a single scene contains settings for all S-4000S units in the system.

On your computer, up to 100 S-4000 RCS scenes are stored in a "Project" file. You can store as many Project files as you want on your computer, limited only by the capacity of your hard disk. Therefore, there's no real limit to S-4000 RCS scene storage.

Input channel settings cannot be edited, saved, or recalled from the S-4000S itself; this must be done using the S-4000R or S-4000 RCS.

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