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Digital Snake

Q.What type of Cat5e Ethernet cable should I use with the S-4000 Digital Snake system?


Two different types of Ethernet cables can be used with the S-4000 Digital Snake. The type of cable you use will depend on your setup.

Though the two cable types look the same, the RJ45 plugs are wired differently, as follows:

  • Crossover cable
    In a crossover cable, some of the internal wires "cross over" at each RJ45 plug. This means that the two RJ45 plugs at the ends of a single cable are wired differently.
  • Straight-through cable
    In a straight-through cable, the internal wiring is the same at both ends of the cable.

It's important to understand the differences between these cable types, because they can't be used interchangeably when making REAC connections. The basic principles you need to know when connecting REAC devices are as follows:

  • Always use a crossover cable to directly connect the REAC port of one device to the REAC port of another device (a REAC-to-REAC connection).
  • Two straight-through cables connected via an Ethernet crossover adaptor can be used for a REAC-to-REAC connection.
  • Use straight-through cables if you include a switching hub in your system to extend the cable length or distribute the signal to multiple REAC devices.


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