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Digital Delay

Q.On the DD-6, can I set the delay time to the duration of one beat and make the delay repeats ping-pong between the left and right speakers of my stereo playback system?

A.Yes, you can. Make the following connections and settings on the DD-6.

  • Connect the DD-6's OUTPUT A and B jacks to the left and right channels of your stereo playback system.
  • Connect your instrument to the DD-6's INPUT A jack.

  • Use the F.BACK knob to set the number of repeats. (One repeat will be heard at the MIN position.)
  • Use the D.TIME and MODE knobs to set the delay time to one beat.

    Tempo Delay Tip:
  • The DD-6's Tempo Delay function makes it easy to set the delay time to match the tempo of a song. Use the following procedure:
    1. Press and hold the DD-6's pedal switch until the CHECK indicator alternately flashes in red and green (approximately two seconds).
    2. Press the pedal switch in time with the song's tempo (minimum of four times).
    3. When the tempo is set, press and hold the pedal switch until the CHECK indicator lights solid red (approximately two seconds).
  • The Tempo Delay can be set even if the effect is off.
  • The Tempo Delay setting will vary depending on the delay time setting of the MODE knob (2600ms, 800ms, 300ms, 80ms, REVERSE), so you should experiment to find the best setting for your application. Refer to the DD-6 Owner's Manual for more details.
  • Tempo Delay is not available when the MODE knob is set to HOLD or WARP.


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