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Digital Delay

Q.Can I use the DD-3 Digital Delay with an electric bass? If so, can you show me some setting examples?

A.Yes, the DD-3 will work well with an electric bass. Following are some suggestions for setting the DD-3.

For a delay (echo) effect:

  1. Set the E.LEVEL, F.BACK, D.TIME, and MODE knobs to their center positions (12 o'clock).
  2. Turn on the effect by pressing the pedal switch so that the CHECK indicator lights.
  3. Use the MODE and D.TIME knobs to adjust the delay time as desired.
  4. Use the F.BACK knob to adjust the number of echo repeats.
  5. Use the E.LEVEL knob to adjust the level of the delay sound.

For a hold effect:

  1. Set the knobs as follows:
    --E.LEVEL: maximum
    --F.BACK: minimum
    --D.TIME: desired phrase length (200ms to 800ms)
    --MODE: HOLD
  2. Play a phrase, and then press the pedal switch. The phrase will play continuously as long as the pedal is held. (The maximum phrase length is 800ms.)


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