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D-BASS 115

D-Bass Amplifier

Q.Can I use a D-BASS amplifier with an acoustic bass equipped with a piezo pickup?

A.Yes, the D-BASS series is a great choice for amplifying an acoustic bass equipped with a piezo pickup. The following D-BASS features are ideal for this application.

  1. Piezo input jack
    This high impedance input allows the sound from the piezo pickup to be faithfully reproduced.

  2. "SUPER FLAT" COSM preamp
    Among the D-BASS's COSM preamp types is a setting called "SUPER FLAT." This setting provides a flat frequency response from the low to high range, making it ideal for accurately reproducing the natural sound characteristics of an acoustic bass.

  3. Three-band equalizer and adjustable tweeter level
    By adjusting the three-band equalizer and the level of the D-BASS's tweeter, you can fine-tune your sound and minimize the clattering noise of the strings striking the fingerboard. The equalizer and tweeter level is adjustable with dedicated front panel knobs.

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