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D-BASS 115

D-Bass Amplifier

Q.I understand that the D-BASS amplifiers are designed to be lightweight (so they can be easily transported), while maintaining extremely high sound quality. What measures were taken to reduce the weight?

A.In order to create a lightweight bass amplification system with extremely high-quality sound, Roland incorporates the following features and new technologies into its D-BASS amplifier series.

  • Newly designed lightweight speakers
    Roland has developed custom speakers with new materials for the D-BASS amplifiers, overturning the conventional wisdom that bass speakers have to be heavy to produce quality sound. The new design cuts the weight of previous models by one-half for the 10" speakers (D-BASS 210) and one-third for the 15" speaker (D-BASS 115). In addition, the new speakers incorporate stronger magnets than previous designs, resulting in quick response and effective low-frequency damping.

  • D-Class power amp and switching power supply
    The D-BASS amplifiers incorporate independent power amp systems for each speaker (the D-BASS 210 is a three-amp system, and the D-BASS 115 and 115X are two-amp systems). Use of D-Class amp circuitry and switching power supplies provide high-efficiency energy conversion that reduces the generation of unnecessary heat. This allows for the use of small, lightweight power transformers and heat sinks, thus reducing the total amplifier weight.

  • Strong and lightweight cabinet design
    An all-new cabinet design makes use of new materials to reduce the cabinet weight while maintaining ample strength and ruggedness. Repeated auditory tests were performed under actual playing conditions to achieve ideal cabinet reinforcement and eliminate resonances that cause sound deterioration. This new cabinet design is actually stronger than the heavier cabinets used with the previous generation DB-series amplifiers.


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