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V-Cymbal Ride

Q.As for the TDW-1 with V-cymbal Control, what has been improved from the first TDW-1 ?

A.The TDW-1 with V-cymbal control has the following new functions in addition to the first TDW-1.

  • The new trigger types for HH, CrA, CrB, RdA, RdB, and CTR. With these trigger types, you will instantly get adjusted trigger parameters of the V-Cymbal so that you can play with adequate dynamics and stable edge response.
  • The 3-way trigger function (bow / bell / edge) is possible.
  • The positional sensing function available for the CY-15R, CY-14C, and CY-12R/C. (With some tones of a ride cymbal)
  • The trigger type for the V-cymbal is set to the Trigger Bank 2 as Factory Preset.
  • Some of the tone settings of Preset Drum Kits have been changed in some parts for the V-cymbal. (The ride edge tone is assigned to the Trigger Input AUX1.)


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