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V-Cymbal Ride

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Q.Can I connect two CY-15R (or CY-12R/C) units to the TD-20 and get three-way triggering on both cymbals?


The TD-20 provides built-in support for only one three-way ・・・

Q.Other than the size, what are the differences between the CY-12R/C and the CY-14C / CY-15R ?


V-cymbals have the same basic dual trigger functions. ・・・

Q.Both the CY-12R/C and the CY-15R have two outputs for the BOW/BELL and BOW/EDGE. Could you tell me how they can be used ?


You can get three different sounds, Bow, Bell and Edge, when ・・・

Q.Could you tell me why I can't get the bell shot (or edge shot).


If you want the bell shot with the CY-12R/C or the CY-15R, use ・・・

Q.How can I get the 3-way triggering feature and have the bow, bell and edge shot?


Check the TD-10 to see if it has been upgraded with the TDW-1. ・・・

Q.Do the V-cymbals have to be mounted in a certain direction on a stand? Could I use it even if I turn it around ?


The V-cymbals should be mounted with the Roland logo in the ・・・

Q.How should I connect the CY-12R/C or the CY-15R and the TD-10 to get the 3-way triggering feature with the bow / bell / edge ?


First be sure the TD-10 has the TDW-1 with V cymbal Control ・・・

Q.I would like to use the CY-15R or CY-12R for the 3-way triggering feature, but the AUX1 and 2 trigger inputs of the TD-10 are being used already. Is there another way to connect it ?


Use the optional TMC-6 Trigger MIDI converter. ・・・

Q.Can I mount the CY-12R/C / CY-14C / CY-15R on a cymbal stand made by other manufactures ?


It is not always possible to mount the V-cymbals to other ・・・

Q.I lost the nuts and felts that came with the MDY-7U / MDY-10U. Can I still mount the CY-12R/C, the CY-14C, or the CY-15R without these parts ?


The wing nut and felt for the V cymbal are provided with the ・・・

Q.Do the edge, bow and bell parts of the V cymbal(CY-12R/C CY-15R) produce a different sound, or does each section produce the same sound?


The V cymbals (CY-12R/C CY-15R can produce a different sound ・・・

Q.Can I use a V-cymbal with a TD-8 that is at a software version earlier than 1.10? Also, can I use a V-Cymbal with older TD-series models or an SPD-series unit?


Yes. You can use a V-Cymbal with the TD-8 (any software ・・・

Q.As for the TDW-1 with V-cymbal Control, what has been improved from the first TDW-1 ?


The TDW-1 with V-cymbal control has the following new ・・・

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