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V-Cymbal Ride/Crash

Q.How should I connect the CY-12R/C or the CY-15R and the TD-10 to get the 3-way triggering feature with the bow / bell / edge ?

A.First be sure the TD-10 has the TDW-1 with V cymbal Control installed. next, connect the two outputs of the CY-15R or the CY-12R/C to the RIDE and AUX1 of the Trigger Input.

Set the trigger type of the TD-10 with this procedure;
1) Press SETUP
2) Press F1 for TRIGG
3) Press F1 for BANK
4) CURSOR to Trigger Inputs 10 and 11 and turn the VALUE Dial to set these trigger types;
[10/RIDE TRIGGER Input --- RdA]
[11/AUX1 TRIGGER Input --- CTR ]
**TRIGGER BANK2's factory defaults are set for using the 3-way triggering feature.

For the TD-8 and other TD models, you cannot get the bow / bell / edge playing methods at the same time unless you use the TMC-6 Trigger MIDI Converter.

When you use the unexpanded TD-10, or other TD sound modules such as the TD-8 / TD-7, use either one of the two cymbal outputs by themselves, otherwise a tone is duplicated. Look for this in case you cannot get the bell shot and the edge shot at the same time.


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