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V-Cymbal Hi-Hat

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Q.Does the CY-12H (Hi-hat) have the open-closed movement of a real Hi-hat cymbal?


There is no open-closed movement of V Hi-hat cymbals. ・・・

Q.Do the V-cymbals have to be mounted in a certain direction on a stand? Could I use it even if I turn it around ?


The V-cymbals should be mounted with the Roland logo in the ・・・

Q.Is it possible to mount the CY-12H to a commercially available hi-hat stand ?


It is NOT possible. Only use Roland's MDS drum stand for ・・・

Q.How do I set up the CY-12H V-Cymbal ?


Mount the V cymbal on the MDY-10U or other MDY series stands. ・・・

Q.Can I use a V-cymbal with a TD-8 that is at a software version earlier than 1.10? Also, can I use a V-Cymbal with older TD-series models or an SPD-series unit?


Yes. You can use a V-Cymbal with the TD-8 (any software ・・・

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