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Guitar Amplifier

Q.When using the CUBE-60's Dyna Amp, how should I set the GAIN knob?

A.To start, set the CUBE-60's GAIN knob to the center position and your guitar's volume all the way up. Then, adjust the GAIN knob so that you get clean sound when you pick softly, and a deeply distorted sound when you pick strongly. When set in this manner, you'll be able to obtain the maximum expressive response from the Dyna Amp.

Related FAQ:
What are the recommended settings for using the CUBE-60's Dyna Amp?

Since the Dyna Amp works in response to the strength of the input signal, the GAIN knob setting is critical to making full use of the Dyna Amp's expressive power. The CUBE-60's other knobs can be adjusted as desired, just as when using a conventional amp.


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