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Guitar Amplifier

Q.What types of performance characteristics does the CUBE-60's Dyna Amp feature provide?

A.The CUBE-60's Dyna Amp feature provides an extremely dynamic and expressive guitar sound, with a tonal quality that is controlled by your playing dynamics. In general, the sound will be clean when you play soft, and powerful and distorted when you play hard. Further tonal variation can be achieved by adjusting your guitar's volume as you play.

    Here are some examples of performance techniques that are possible when using the Dyna Amp:

  1. While playing clean arpeggios with a soft touch, insert strongly played powerful chords as accents to add dramatic touches to a song.
  2. While playing a guitar solo in a ballad, create a broad range of dynamic variation by adjusting your picking strength to make a distinction between the delicately played soft notes and the strongly played accents.

Here is a variation of Example 1 (above):

  1. Turn down the guitar's volume slightly, and play the intro arpeggios softly to achieve a clean sound. As you approach the end of the intro, gradually increase the strength of your picking to add distortion to the guitar sound and smoothly transition to the next section of the song.
  2. In the next section, play a rhythmical chord backing with slightly harder dynamics to produce a distorted crunch sound. You can emphasize the beat of the song by occasionally playing chords with stronger dynamics.
  3. As the song progresses, slightly raise the guitar's volume and support the song's melody with a heavy distortion sound.
  4. For the guitar solo, fully open up the guitar's volume and play hard single notes for a sustained, deep distortion sound.
Even though the example above contains significant changes in the tonal character of the sound as you pass between sections of the song, no manual patch change or button operation is required. The great advantage of the Dyna Amp is that you can concentrate on your performance, and simply use your picking technique and guitar's volume control to realize an extreme variety of tonal variations.


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