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Guitar Amplifier

Q.I would like to use two CUBE-60 amps to achieve a more spacious sound. Can I do that? If so, can you give me advice on how to connect and set the amps?

A.If you want to connect two (or more) CUBE-60 units, connect the TUNER OUT jack of the first CUBE-60 to the INPUT jack of the second CUBE-60. You can connect as many CUBE-60 amps as you like in this manner. (The TUNER OUT jack outputs the dry (unprocessed) guitar signal.)

In general, if you use two (or more) guitar amps, the radiated sound from the speakers will be combined, resulting in a fuller, more spacious sound. Additionally, you can create an even richer sound by varying the settings on the different amps.

    Here are two examples on how to use two CUBE-60s.
  1. Set the first CUBE-60 to a dark crunch sound, and set the second CUBE-60 to a brighter sound with more distortion and midrange "cut."
  2. Set the first CUBE-60 to a rich clean sound with lots of lows and no effects, and set the second CUBE-60 to a bright sound with effects such as reverb, delay, and MFX.


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