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Guitar Amplifier

Q.What kinds of output jacks are provided on the CUBE-60 for connecting to external devices?


The CUBE-60 provides the following external output jacks:

 Connect this jack to your recorder or headphones.
The RECORDING OUT/PHONES jack provides COSM-based speaker modeling, allowing you to achieve a great guitar sound for recording or practicing without the need for miking a loud guitar speaker.

* When you insert a plug into the RECORDING OUT/PHONES jack, the sound from the internal speaker and the EXT SPEAKER jack will be muted. If you don't want the sound to be muted, use the LINE OUT jack instead (the LINE OUT jack is not recommended for use with headphones).

Connect this jack to an external speaker.
When an external speaker is connected, the sound will be heard from both the CUBE-60's internal speaker and the external speaker.

* For connection to this jack, use an external speaker that meets the following specifications:
- Impedance: 8 ohms or less
- Input capacity: 60 watts or greater

Connect this jack to an external PA system or recorder.

  • The LINE OUT signal provides COSM-based speaker modeling that delivers a simulated classic guitar amp sound without the need for using a mic on the speaker.
  • Use the VOLUME knob of the JC CLEAN channel or LEAD channel to adjust the LINE OUT volume.
  • Inserting a plug into the LINE OUT jack does not mute the output of the internal speaker and the EXT SPEAKER jack.

Connect this jack to a tuner.

* The TUNER OUT jack outputs the dry (unprocessed) guitar signal.


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