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Guitar Amplifier

Q.What can I control when I connect a foot switch (FS-5U) to the CUBE-60?


The CUBE-60 provides three different foot switch jacks, and a separate FS-5U can be connected to each one.

By connecting an FS-5U to:

CH SELECT: - you can switch between the JC CLEAN channel and the LEAD channel.

The JC CLEAN channel provides a flat response that extends through the high range. It models the Roland JC-120 amp, which is used in recording studios around the world. It's great for a clear and natural guitar sound. Additionally, you should choose this channel when connecting a multieffects unit to the CUBE-60. The LEAD channel is recommended for distorted rhythm and lead guitar sounds. EFX

EFX: - you can switch EFX (effects) on/off.

DELAY/REVERB: - you can switch DELAY/REVERB on/off.

Set the FS-5U's polarity switch as follows when using it with the CUBE-60.


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