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CUBE Monitor

Q.Can I use the CM-30 as an amp for an acoustic-electric guitar?

A.The CM-30 is a versatile monitor speaker for amplifying musical instruments. It has a flat, uncolored tonal characteristic, making it ideal for amplifying an acoustic-electric guitar (or any other instrument that requires uncolored sound reproduction).

For your reference:
If your acoustic-electric guitar does not have a built-in active preamp, it probably has a high-impedance output. The inputs on the CM-30 (as well as the inputs found on most mixers and other PA equipment) are designed to accept low-impedance signals. If you connect the acoustic-electric guitar's high-impedance output directly to the CM-30, an impedance mismatch occurs. This mismatch causes the guitar to sound bright and thin, and usually reduces signal level as well. To remedy this problem, you should place an impedance-matching device in-line between the guitar and the CM-30.

Following are some BOSS products that will perform this impedance-matching function:

--AD-series Acoustic Instrument Processors
--GT- and ME-series Guitar Effects
--DI-1 Direct Box
--Any BOSS Compact Pedal or Twin Pedal

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