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CUBE Monitor

Q.How many inputs does the CM-30 have, and what types of equipment can I connect to them?

A.The CM-30 provides the following inputs:

  • CH 1--MIC/LINE IN (XLR-type/phone-type, mono only)
  • CH 2--LINE IN L (MONO), R (phone-type jacks)
  • CH 3--LINE IN L (MONO), R (phone-type jacks)
  • AUX IN 1--L, R (RCA phono-type jacks)
  • AUX IN 2--(stereo mini-type jack)

The various input jacks can accommodate a wide variety of equipment, as shown in the connection diagram below. All inputs can be used simultaneously.

CH 1, CH 2, and CH 3 are each equipped with dedicated front panel volume control knobs. Additionally, a headphone jack (with volume control) is located on the front panel.


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