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CUBE Monitor

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Q.How many inputs does the CM-30 have, and what types of equipment can I connect to them?


The CM-30 provides the following inputs: CH 1--MIC/LINE ・・・

Q.What are the CM-30's main features?


The CM-30 is a portable mixing monitor that can be used in a ・・・

Q.Is the CM-30 easy to carry?


Yes. The CM-30 is a small monitor amp designed for durability ・・・

Q.Can I use the CM-30 as an amp for an acoustic-electric guitar?


The CM-30 is a versatile monitor speaker for amplifying ・・・

Q.Can I use two CM-30 units as simple stereo PA system?


Yes. The CM-30's Stereo Link function allows you to use two ・・・

Q.Can I attach the CM-30 to a mic stand?


Yes. On the bottom of the CM-30, there is a threaded mount for ・・・

Q.Can I use the CM-30 as a small amp for a guitar synthesizer such as the GR-20?


Yes, you can connect the output(s) of a guitar synth (or a ・・・

Q.What are the dimensions and weight of the CM-30?


The dimensions of the CM-30 are 214 mm (width) x 238 mm ・・・

Q.What is the output wattage of the CM-30?


The rated output of the CM-30 is 30 watts.

Q.The CM-30 is equipped with a single speaker, yet the CH 2, CH 3, and AUX inputs can accept stereo signals. Can I hear a stereo output from the CM-30's single speaker?


No. Stereo sound reproduction requires two speakers, as well ・・・

Q.Does the CM-30 have a mic jack?


Yes. The CM-30's CH 1 is equipped with a dual-purpose input ・・・

Q.Can I connect an electric guitar to the CM-30?


Yes, though an impedance-matching device may be required. ・・・

Q.I want to use the CM-30 as a personal stage monitor and simultaneously send its output to a PA system. However, the CM-30 is not equipped with a line out jack. How can I connect the CM-30 to a PA system?


The CM-30 is not equipped with a line out jack. ・・・

Q.What are some example applications for the CM-30?


The CM-30 is a small, portable monitor amp that is useful in a ・・・

Q.Can the CM-30 be powered with batteries?


No, the CM-30 does not support battery-powered operation. ・・・

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