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CF/CD Recorder

Q.When using the CD-2 to copy an original music CD, can I convert the songs to a different format (such as MP3)?

A.No, this is not possible.

When you copy an original music CD to a blank CD-R/RW disc using the CD-2, the data from the original CD is duplicated identically. (Music CDs contain 16-bit/44.1 kHz linear data.)

When you copy a music CD using the CD-2, the song data of the music CD is temporarily copied to a CompactFlash (CF) card installed in the CD-2. Then, the copied song data is written to the blank CD-R/RW disc. If there's not enough free space on the CF card to copy the entire music CD, the CD-2 will fill up the card until it runs out of space. In this case, the original CD won't be duplicated in its entirety. However, the audio file format (16-bit, 44.1 kHz linear) will be identical.


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