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CF/CD Recorder

Q.In addition to music files I've recorded using the CD-2, can I also use the CD-2 to play audio (Wave) files that I've stored to a CompactFlash (CF) card from my computer?


The CD-2 can play Wave files stored on a CF card that meet the following requirements.

- 16-bit linear recording
- 44.1 kHz sampling rate
- Stereo
- Filename extension of ".WAV" or ".wav"
- Four seconds or longer (approximately 690 KB or larger)
  • The CD-2 can only use CF cards that have been formatted on the CD-2.
  • Store the Wave files to the root directory of the CF card.
  • Store only Wave files to a CF card that will be used with the CD-2. Storing other file types from the computer to the CF card may cause the CD-2 to malfunction.
  • Don't use the computer to alter directories created on the CF card by the CD-2.
  • Wave file names will appear as song titles in the CD-2's display. Use only single-byte alphanumeric characters in the file name. The CD-2 cannot display double-byte characters (e.g., Japanese characters).
  • When you store Wave files from your computer to a CF card that contains previously recorded CD-2 files, the added Wave files will appear in alphabetical order after the last previously recorded file.


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