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CF/CD Recorder

Q.I'm recording with an external microphone connected to the CD-2, but the recording level is too high even when I turn the mic input level knob all the way down.

A.The CD-2's microphone input gain range provides good audio quality when recording various types of acoustic instruments with a typical microphone's output level. However, the output level of your particular microphone may be too high even if you set the CD-2's input gain knob to its lowest setting. (In particular, some condenser microphones can produce a very high output level.)

In such a case, turn on the microphone's attenuator (if one is provided) or use an in-line microphone attenuator to lower the microphone's output level.

  • The Roland DR-80C condenser microphone has a built-in 10 dB attenuator.
  • In-line microphone attenuators can be found at a microphone dealer. Roland does not manufacture in-line attenuators.
  • A microphone attenuator is sometimes referred to as a “pad.”


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