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CF/CD Recorder

Q.While recording with the CD-2's internal stereo microphones, can I record a keyboard connected to the LINE IN L/R jacks as well?

A.Yes, you can.

To use the CD-2's internal microphones, repeatedly press the MIC SELECT button until it lights green. Then, set the recording level by turning Auto Level Control on, or by adjusting the internal mics' level manually. Next, connect your keyboard to the LINE IN L/R jacks, and adjust its recording level using the LINE IN jack's LEVEL knob.

  • The LINE IN L/R jacks are always active and can be recorded regardless of the MIC SELECT setting.
  • When the internal stereo microphones are selected, the CD-2's speakers will be automatically muted to prevent acoustic feedback. Use headphones to monitor your voice and keyboard together.
  • If you don't want to record the sound of an instrument connected to the LINE IN jacks, turn the LINE IN jack's LEVEL knob fully counter-clockwise.


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