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CF/CD Recorder

Q.I want to make a recording directly to CD-R/RW disc using the CD-2's internal microphones. If I make a mistake during recording, can I rewind to the beginning of the song on the CD-R/RW disc and start recording again by overwriting the previous recording?

A.This depends on the type of CD media that you're using (CD-RW or CD-R).

  1. CD-RW discs are re-writable, so if you make a mistake while recording, you can delete that recording and then re-record from the deleted area. The deletion is accomplished using the CD-2's Erase Last Track function. This is not an overwriting procedure as when recording on cassette tape, so “rewinding” is not necessary.
  2. CD-R discs cannot be erased, so re-recording is not possible. You can only make additional recordings on the remaining free space of the CD-R.


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