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Bass Amplifier

Q.What is the FFP technology used in Roland's bass amps?

A.FFP or "Feed Forward Processing" is a proprietary technology that controls the entire bass amplifier system. Each section of the system is analyzed (amp, speaker, and cabinet) and then DSP processing is applied to optimize the components so that they perform to their maximum potential in response to the input signal. This achieves ideal performance and enhances the acoustic power of the D-BASS amplifier.

    Among the results you'll get with FFP:

  • Expansion in the acoustic dynamic range of the total amp system
    FFP produces dynamic, high-power sound that exceeds the output power specifications.
  • Improvement in the acoustic characteristics of the cabinet
    FFP produces uncolored, flat response all the way down to the lowest frequency ranges for pure and accurate sound reproduction.
  • Improved amplitude linearity of the speakers
    FFP produces clear sound with an accurate response that faithfully responds to the input signal.


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