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Bass Amplifier

Q.What effects are provided on the CUBE-100 BASS/CUBE-30 BASS?

A.The CUBE-100 BASS and CUBE-30 BASS provide the following independent effect sections:

  • EFX:
    The EFX section provides three different digital effects: CHORUS, FLANGER, and T-WAH (touch wah). Only one of the three effects can be used at a time. Effect selection and effect depth is controlled with the EFX knob.
    A digital delay or reverb effect can be applied with the DELAY/REVERB knob (both effect selection and depth is controlled with this knob). Only one effect type can be used at a time.
    Use compression to even out the playing dynamics and/or increase the bass sound's sustain. The depth of the compression effect is controlled with the COMPRESSION knob.


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