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Digital Harpsichord

Q.What kind of musical instrument is the C-30?

A.The C-30 is an electronic version of the harpsichord, which has given pre-classical music a new lease on life as a more accessible musical instrument.
The harpsichord is also known as the "cembalo" in German and Italian. Until the development of the piano in the late 18th century, the harpsichord and the pipe organ shared honors as the major keyboard instruments. In the baroque era, up to the time of J.S. Bach, and even in the early years of Mozart, the harpsichord was a mainstream instrument for composing and performance.

Be aware that the C-30 is an electronic instrument and must be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Just as with an electric piano, the C-30 can be played any time once it is put in place, plugged in, and turned using the On/Off button on the control panel. When you play, the built-in speakers produce an authentic harpsichord sound. Moreover, you can adjust the volume. This means that, better than an acoustic harpsichord, you can play loud enough to fill a large hall. Or, for practice at home, you can plug in headphones. That way, only you can hear what you are playing, and you won't disturb others.

Another advantage of using a digital instrument is that pitch and tone remain stable. You can confidently move the C-30 around or transport it, knowing that it will always stay in tune. It is also not adversely affected by changes in temperature and humidity. Because it needs no more care than a piece of furniture or an electrical appliance, you can enjoy playing the harpsichord at any time.


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