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Digital Harpsichord

Q.Why develop an electronic harpsichord now?

A.In terms of both form and sound, the harpsichord is an exceptionally attractive instrument. Acoustic harpsichords, however, are prohibitively expensive. Owners also have to constantly adjust them to ensure that they stay in tune. Because acoustic harpsichords require so much care, only the most dedicated musicians have been able to regularly experience the joy of playing the enchanting instrument. Even then, there is another drawback: The acoustic sound has limited dynamic range. There is no great difference when notes are played quietly or loudly. Because it is quieter than other modern instruments, the harpsichord fell out of favor with mainstream music. Nowadays, it is used almost exclusively for playing baroque and earlier pieces. Most people rarely get a glimpse of a harpsichord or get to hear its wonderful sound.

While preserving the sound, intact with all its charm, Roland has overcome the drawbacks of the acoustic harpsichord by creating the C-30, an instrument that can be enjoyed as conveniently as an electric piano. The electric harpsichord was made especially for people who relish a different kind of musical challenge. Providing fascinatingly authentic sound and creating a special atmosphere, the C-30 will let you find your way deep into the heart of music.
A classical instrument, yet utterly new: The C-30 provides what today's discriminating music lovers have been waiting for.


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