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Digital Harpsichord

Q.Why does it look different than a usual harpsichord?

A.The form of the C-30 is borrowed from a small, rectangular type of harpsichord known as the "virginal." To reduce the size of the larger triangular harpsichord, the virginal was designed with the strings arranged parallel to the keyboard. This enabled a more compact design that was suitable for personal and home use. For the acoustic instrument, however, the size and design restrictions made the instrument even quieter and reduced the range and variety of sounds.

Designing the C-30, Roland gave priority to making the instrument easy to move around and install. So the form of the virginal was chosen. Even so, it provides two large manuals for the full variety of harpsichord sounds (registers) and a full 61-key range. If you want to play more loudly, it has power to spare.


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