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Digital Harpsichord

Q.How large is the C-30 keyboard?

A.The dimensions of the C-30 keyboard are listed below.
White key pitch (edge-to-edge width of adjacent white keys): 23.6 mm/ 15/16 inches
White key size (visible part): width 22.0 mm/ 7/8 inches, length 120 mm/ 4-3/4 inches
Black key size (visible part): width 11.2 mm/ 1/2 inches, length 70 mm/ 2-13/16 inches

Acoustic harpsichords that are made today have narrow keys. This is traced back to the 18th century remodeling (grand ravalement) of esteemed Ruckers Flemish-style harpsichords, which were made in the previous generation. To extend the pitch range, more keys had to be added, and it was necessary to reduce the width of each key. In one way, this was beneficial: in the absence of a damper pedal, it is better to keep the keys as narrow as possible to facilitate legato playing, which is more effective if keys can be spanned and held more easily. At the same time, narrow keys can make playing harder for people with large hands or thick fingers.

Harpsichord makers were unable to agree on standard dimensions. From generation to generation and from place to place, workshops used different dimensions and color schemes for keyboards. This gave the instruments a great deal of individuality.
To make it possible to enjoy playing the C-30 expressively both as a harpsichord and as a piano, the keys have been made the same width as conventional piano keys.


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