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Digital Harpsichord

Q.What kinds of temperament (traditional tuning) are available, and how are they used?

A.The C-30 has the following five types of temperament built in, and a button push is all that is required to switch from one to another.

[Selection and use]
Equal temperament
As with present-day pianos, each octave is divided into 12 tones. Free rein is given to transposition and, when used, transposition does not alter the harmonics.

This well-balanced temperament enables use of all tones, and the harmonies of each tone are distinct. Relatively easy to use, this temperament was mainstream during Bach's lifetime.

Similar to Werckmeister, but the harmonies are even more defined. Transposition is possible but quite difficult (after Bach's time).

As Werckmeister, it is close to equal temperament and does not restrict transposition. Vallotti is also often used with harpsichords.

Commonly used for European pipe organs. While it produces beautiful thirds, the number of musical keys is limited. This restricts transposition.


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