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Digital Harpsichord

Q.I teach the piano. Is the C-30 of any use for piano teaching?

A.When playing various pieces of music on the piano, it is very important to understand which phrases were used in which generation and on what kind of instrument. Consequently, the touch and sound produced while playing are liable to change depending on who is playing.
For example, the actual instrument the keyboard music of Bach or Handel was composed for was the harpsichord. If piano players have the opportunity to try and achieve legato expression on a harpsichord without using a pedal, or to vary the expressive strength of phrase units, or add trills and ornamentation, they will discover expressive possibilities that would not occur to them by practicing solely on the piano.
Used in conjunction with a grand piano, the C-30 will help students obtain a deeper understanding of expression, the ultimate goal of music.


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